Our Story

MDCB Global, Inc is a digital fintech and mobile payment service company. We will provide a mobile app and web platform to our users, where they can send money to others including but not limited to friends, families and business partners.

Our goal is to establish a modernized finance system for the culture of young professionals. We will ensure to create a platform on finance and banking that will understand the needs and direction of the young professionals, while providing a stronger system for the industries within their service supply chain.

We are confident in developing MDCB Global, Inc as a brand to reckon with globally. We are dedicated to establishing a good business relationship with our customers, giving them value for their money and reasons for them to trust our service.

Our Services

Digital Savings & Spending Accounts

Personal and Business

Apple & Android Pay

Payment Processing

Peer-To-Peer Transfers

Global ATM Network

Multicurrency Accounts

Crypto and Fiat currency in one account


Private and corporate

Mobile Check Deposit


Consumers, Corporate, Microloans, installments, mortgages, syndicated loans, collateral, 100+ methods for maturity and 40+ for interest.


Debit, credit, loyalty

Web-Mobile Banking

Internet banking & mobile/IOS android apps


Finance, controlling and tax

Analytics And Reporting

Treasury, Regulatory, AML, Risk, Marketing

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